Stephanie Foo on How to Heal from Complex Trauma & Learn to Love Yourself


How can you stop the cycle of generational trauma and start the healing process? Stephanie Foo, New York Times bestselling author, writer, and award winning producer seemed to be thriving in a successful career at This American Life and a loving relationship, but the constant panic attacks and severe anxiety led her to finally confront the complex PTSD that was weighing her down. She opens up about how to stop the self hate and shame around trauma, how to love yourself, what tools can help you in moments when you get triggered, and how to see the light at the end of the tunnel.

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1. Your trauma isn’t just personal, it’s communal. You are not alone.
2. Trauma isn’t a personal failing, but a result of much larger events. When you recognize this, you can work on healing and thank the symptoms that kept you alive. But the ways in which it’s hurt you – you can stop those from moving forward to the next generation.
3. There comes a point at which you have to acknowledge what you’ve been carrying. Spread out everything on the table, and decide which of these you’re finally going to put down.
4. The simple act of saying “I’m so sorry you had to experience that” can be such a beautiful thing.
5. When you’re feeling triggered, say, “Let’s break the tools outta the toolbox. Let’s see what we can do, or let’s ride it out.” Because feeling all your emotions is also a very normal, healthy part of living life.
6. You don’t just sober up and then you’re enlightened forever. You have to keep it going. You have to build in those practices. But it’s okay to give yourself a peek of what it would look like if you loved yourself. So why not try and get back to that place? Because it is possible.
7. There is light at the end of the tunnel.

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