Robert F. Kennedy Jr. on Having the Courage to Speak Your Truth & How to Create a United Community


How can you build the resilience to keep getting up every time you’re knocked down? Robert F. Kennedy Jr, US presidential candidate, founder of the Waterkeeper Alliance and the Children’s Health Defense, environmentalist attorney, and NYT bestselling author grew up in one of America’s most beloved political families, and now he’s on a mission to follow in his uncle’s and father’s footsteps to find the truth and bring the country together. He shares how to choose authenticity over belonging, how to find happiness and inner peace by waking up every morning ready to be of service, how you can be undefeatable, and how to transcend our own self interests and come together into oneness.

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  1. The most impressive thing in the world is love and courage. Your legacy is in your  resonance, your compassion, your passion, your conviction.
  2. The only thing that you have control over is your own conduct. The outcomes are in Gd’s hands. When you have faith in that, you can feel peaceful and content within yourself, which is ultimately the objective as long as you continue to be of service and just keep doing the next right thing.
  3. Every time you get knocked down, stand up again. Then you can never be defeated.
  4. Choose to be authentic. That’s the only way you’ll know if you belong.
  5. What other people think or say about you is not your business. You just can’t worry about it. It’s irrelevant.
  6. Let’s stop the hate. Let’s find out what we have in common and work together in a positive force. We need to transcend our narrow self-interest and see ourselves as part of a community, a community that we would really take risks for. We are all on a part of a noble adventure.
  7. Great leaders don’t look with their eyes. They look with their heart, and from their heart, they see for miles.
  8. You’re only someone because you’re some of the one. There are no two sides. There’s one side – it’s called the human race, it’s called love. There’s only oneness.

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