Laura Belgray on How to Live Your Best Life When You Feel Like a Hot Mess


How can you follow your own path at your own pace, and drop the shame of not hitting all the milestones you think you’re supposed to? Laura Belgray, founder of Talking Shrimp, co-creator of The Copy Cure with Marie Forleo, an award-winning copywriter, TV writer is back to share the hilarious and powerful gems from her book, Tough Titties. She talks about why laziness can be a superpower, how humor can help you deal with pain, how to celebrate that you’re just getting started, how to be unapologetically and authentically yourself, and how to embrace all the detours that lead you to where you’re meant to be.

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  1. Hard work doesn’t make you more worthy. Sometimes laziness can be a superpower. It means you’re comfortable doing nothing or enjoying yourself. It’s the ability to just relax and let it be easy.
  2. The key to life, to creativity, to business, to art, to any kind of self-expression is being yourself. Be willing to be disliked even if it still stings. Remember that one person disliking you can’t ruin your life.
  3. It’s time that we allow the honesty to come to light.
  4. You’re not behind in life. You’re just getting started. This is where it just begins. All that you walked through is going to give you what you need to actually enter your real life.
  5. Have a little bit of lightness. Don’t take everything so seriously.
  6. The best way to be able to gather and have enough strength to sit and talk about the painful times is by getting the lessons and using a lot of humor.
  7. Maybe the mistakes that you make, the detours you take are for a reason. Don’t feel shame about it. Don’t feel like you have screwed up your life. Maybe you’re actually doing the best thing for your life. The things you think you aren’t supposed to do will lead you to where you’re supposed to be.

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