Jason Mraz on How to Embrace the Mystical Magical Rhythmical Radical Ride of Life


How can you have fun and optimism during the unpredictable ups and downs of life? Jason Mraz, multi-Grammy Award winning singer songwriter and philanthropist is back to explore the discoveries in making his new album, Mystical Magical Rhythmical Radical Ride. He shares how to be patient and grow with your gift, why you should be a C student, how to dance your own dance, how to stick around even when you feel like giving up, and how to celebrate that no matter what age you’re at, you’re only just getting started.

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1. There’s a reason we’re given our gifts. It’s to level out that energy that someone else is suffering from, to counteract all the muck in the world.
2. Your gift is its own reward. Give yourself time with your gift. You’ll get it to a place that you love. It’s none of your business what the rest of the world thinks of it.
3. Take perfection out. Don’t expect straight A’s. C is a passing grade. C is good enough, because you’re going to get to the next level.
4. The most radical thing a person can do is to actually open their heart.
5. You don’t know the future, but just lean into it with your heart open. The more you practice it, the more you can really show the world that you’ve got what it takes.
6. You’re not quitting because there’s a lot of beauty yet to be experienced. Even when there’s a lot we’ve lost, there’s so much more that’s to be found.
7. We’re not finished yet. We’re not final and we never will be in this life and beyond. Stick around because we’re just getting started. We’re taking off.
8. The mystical, magical, rhythmical, radical ride will take us on wild rides. When you think this is it, stay in your seat cause you’re going for another lap and you’ll see things differently the next time around. You’re going full spiral. All of that craziness you’ve just been through is for a good reason.

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