How to Sell Without Codependency


What unbelievable momentum can build when you decide to be in flow? Cathy shares a coaching call about how to step into inspired action, deal with someone who says they’re disappointed that your prices are too high, set down codependency, and give someone a breakthrough instead of trying to dance with their scarcity.

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  1. You came here to create, to design a world.
  2. It’s an incredible thing to play with that inspired little dose of taking action and throwing it into the world, especially from that place of feeling aligned. You’ll be amazed at the momentum that gets created.
  3. Your job is to be there as a stand for this other person, as a catalyst for them to find more of their strength, as a reminder of how much is possible. You’re not supposed to be on the hook to know anything else.
  4. Every dollar ever made came in exchange for a creative, expansive energy.
  5. Your abundance comes from your vibrational match to abundance.
  6. You’ll only find the solution by allowing in your frequency, allowing yourself to show up in the energetic and not being insistent on what needs to happen as a result of doing that.
  7. Stop trying to figure it out and just let yourself be in your natural energy as elevated as you can.
  8. There’s a part of you that is so resonant, so generous, and so completely and totally aware that every single person has access to their alignment. You don’t need to dance with their scarcity story. But you can keep holding the truth of all reality.

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