How to Make A Quantum Leap & Enter the Field Where All Potentials Exist


How can you thrive by being in the unknown? Cathy shares a meditation and a prompt to help you envision your biggest dreams. Then she helps you set down the identity that keeps you from what you desire, rise to the moments that scare you, experience the feeling that’s more invigorating than having any vacation or mansion, and find all the gifts in stepping into uncertainty.

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1. Who you really are is so much bigger than the somebody suit that you’ve been wearing. You’re someone because you’re some of the one, this infinite oneness.
2. The feeling of peacefulness, of calm, of connectedness – this is it. That’s our power.
3. Drop into presence. Drop into not proving. Drop into just being there and opening your heart.
4. The quantum leap is that you close the gap with consciousness, you close the gap with energy, you close the gap with something immaterial, which is what the world is actually made of.
5. There’s nothing more invigorating than when you’re showing up in your purpose, in the now. When you have the courage and you rise to those moments, nothing is more exhilarating than the joy and expansion of that experience.
6. Stop looking at things as failure. Instead, see it as a gift, as a reflection, as an opportunity to see where our fears still lie. See what’s here for us to transcend and integrate and move through. All of it has a purpose in our journey.
7. Set down the identity. Set down the predictable. Set down the known. The unpredictable is the best stuff.
8. If you really want to turn thoughts into things, if you really want the kind of reality where you can turn thoughts into things from thought alone – then you have to be thought alone. You have to be pure consciousness. From that place there’s ideas, things start to mold, and you get led to the field of all potential.

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