Mike Rucker on How to Create a Fun Habit & Change Your Life with Joy and Wonder


How can life be more fun? Mike Rucker, PhD, organizational psychologist, behavioral scientist, author, and creator of The Fun Habit is on a mission to help people invite more joy and wonder into their every day. He shares how to intentionally add more fun in your routine and actually stick to it, how the pursuit of happiness can improve your physical and psychological wellbeing, and how you can have both a meaningful life and a joyful life.

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1. The folks that are having fun are the ones who show up with vigor and vitality to take on the next day.
2. If we flex our free will, we can make a positive impact.
3. Living by your passion and figuring out your place is how you make meaning of the world. You have a lot more creative license than you think to make those things happen.
4. There’s a part of us that loves wonder. You don’t really want all the answers. You want to feel like there’s something bigger out there than your brain can compute.
5. Be mindful of how you’re spending your time. Intentionally live your day. Create the space to play with the things that you enjoy and want to reintegrate into your life. Use fun to create a habit that you actually want to do.
6. You can be a change maker and make an impact, and still enjoy your time. A meaningful life and a joyful life can coexist.
7. You’re meant to live your life too.

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