How to Change Your Relationship with Money Once and For All – Most Abundant Week


How can you be a magnet for all you desire without feeling shame around it? Cathy shares a powerful talk about how to step into your fierce and graceful authenticity, how to allow yourself to receive all the beauty the world has to offer you, why it’s time to stop being a good girl, and how to become a custodian of wealth who changes the world. 

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  1. You can have everything you want as long as you’re willing to give up the belief that you can’t have it.
  2. Stop being inauthentic. Allow yourself to be fierce and powerful and graceful.
  3. A queen doesn’t hustle. She sits there and her energy just from beingness becomes a magnet. When you are aligned and powerful, you just attract everything right to you.
  4. You deserve every beautiful delight. You don’t need to justify it. Go have it.
  5. We came to write a different code for the next generation. We came to change this. It’s time for you to declare and claim your power, and to become the ultimate magnet for all the wealth that the women before you didn’t have.
  6. Your power is not a threat to humanity. Stop saying “I’m trying to” and start saying “I’m allowing myself to.”
  7. You don’t have to be a good girl because you are good. You need to be in truth. You need to walk with fire. You need to be powerful. You need to choose authenticity and light a path and trust yourself.
  8. You get to be a queen. You get to be a magnet. You get to be a custodian of wealth. And you get to change the world.

Thank you so much for listening!

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