How to Be Loud & Proud About Your Ideas


How can you turn competition into an abundance of opportunities? Cathy shares a couple coaching calls about how to trust that what you want will come to you, be authentically you when you’re afraid of what people will think, get out of the fear that someone will steal your idea, and open the portal to abundance by being the most generous.

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1. Be loud and proud about what you’re doing.
2. No one can take anything away from you. It’s all us. We’re all a collective consciousness. When you rise like the phoenix, we all rise.
3. Be the most generous person to work with. Every time you choose that, you buy yourself a piece of the real world, the real abundance.
4. You have the spark. You don’t need to protect it. You need to project it. You’re untouchable.
5. Let go. Trust it’s going to come.There’s going to be so much synchronicity, you’re going to blow your own mind when you step into resonance and you stop trying to drive the car from ego, from the predictable, from the constraint.
6. There’s always going to be contrast. We signed up for that. It’s an opportunity. It’s there to reveal your alignment, what you really desire, what you need to shed, and what’s really here now for you. It’s all a tool to help you continue to refine and be who you were born to be.
7. You want to feel your heart open. You want to feel so creative, so alive, so in love with life, you feel life loving you and you love it back. When you feel that, there’s nothing to be patient about. It’s magic.
8. Life is not black and white. It’s orange and pink and many, many colors of the sunset. That’s what makes life so beautiful.

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