Andrew McCarthy on Walking 500 Miles with His Son Sam, Navigating Fame in the Brat Pack & Coming Back Home to Himself


How can you discover the thing that makes you feel like yourself from the toes up? Andrew McCarthy, award winning travel writer, director, actor, and NYT bestselling author has always pursued what makes him feel most comfortable in his skin, and collected valuable lessons from every adventure. He shares what he learned while walking the 500 mile Camino de Santiago with his son Sam, how he dealt with the sudden fame of being in the Brat Pack, how to face your fears, why we all need to travel the world, and how to trust that you are always enough.

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1. All we want is to be seen. When you see someone else, you give them room to blossom. They feel received. And that’s a big deal.
2. Keep going closer to what feels like truth, what makes you feel like yourself from the toes up in this instant, and makes you say, “Oh, there I am.”
3. We’re enough. You don’t have to do anything. You don’t have to earn anything. Know that it’s enough to say, “I’m here and this is what I have to offer.”
4. Walk yourself home to yourself.
5. Connection is the name of the game. That’s where the gold’s at. But you have to connect with yourself first.
6. Travel is optimism in action. People are much kinder than we’re told they are. The world is a very welcoming place.
7. That which we resist is what persists. Recognize fear for what it is and ask yourself, “Will I allow fear to dominate this decision or will I walk through that fear?”
8. You don’t know what you’ll want or what your things will transpire. That’s why you just suit up and show up.

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