How to Feel Freedom & Become a Conduit for Abundance


How can you move self doubt aside and get clarity on where you should be spending your energy? Cathy coaches a student Cynthia, who is questioning if she’s in alignment with the work she’s meant to do. You’ll learn how to stop worrying about other people’s judgment, why charging someone money actually charges their batteries, what coaching strategies create real transformation, and how to become a conduit for the infinite light that we all need.

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1. We are not the light, we’re the lamp. The heavy lifting is the light itself. We have a capacity to allow that electricity, that infinite intelligence, that beauty, that love that energy to flow through us. When we’re plugged into that, we’re done. There’s nothing else you have to do.
2. If you want to be someone, be some of the one. Stop trying to be somebody. Become nobody, nowhere, no place, no time. Be a catalyst for the ultimate, the most beautiful thing, which is just the energy that flows through you when you get out of the way.
3. There’s always gonna be contrast. The darkness and the light are all both serving the highest level of good. They’re all part of the one. They just allow us to appreciate all the levels of this beautiful frequency.
4. When you’re charging someone, you’re actually charging their battery by charging them – because you’re cosigning abundance.
5. You get to opt out of this struggle whenever you decide you want to.
6. Your abundance doesn’t come from people making a decision about you. It’s already done.You’re already connected to abundance because you have energy inside of you that goes on and on and on. You can turn it on. It’s who you are. It’s what you are. It’s what exists.
7. When you’re available to be conduit for the infinite light, the unity consciousness, then everybody then around you finds their way back to that part of themself. That’s the gift that keeps on giving.
8. You’re really powerful. That part of you needs to come to work. Being in that authentic power is what really moves the world. Let it drop in and move people forward in that place.

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