How the Future You Want Can Become Your Reality Today


How can you change the frequency you’re emitting and become a magnet for money? Cathy coaches a student Jenn, who has been launching multiple things and wants to monetize without holding a needy energy. You’ll learn how to become a match for abundant opportunities, how to attract the customers and clients who will pay $85,000, how to run into that blow-your-mind experience, and how to make the future you dream about show up today.

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  1. There are infinite possible ways that the money can find you. Your job is not to decide how the money will find you. Your job is simply to show up in your joy, in that enthusiasm, that resonance, that passion. As you move through the world in that space, that’s when you become a match for these opportunities
  2. Whatever’s coming into your life, you are resonant to it, period.
  3. All we’re trading all day long is energy. When you turn it on like a Christmas light, people pay to be around it. They want to be in that Wifi.
  4. All reality is, is this one infinite swirl. The more you receive, the more you give to the whole ocean.
  5. You meet people in their highest resonance by being in yours, and then you’re not needy because your soul isn’t needy. Your soul knows the abundance comes from your resonance. No matter what, it can’t miss you.
  6. Frequency carries information. Your life is happening because of what’s happening from inside of you. It’s happening based upon what your own antenna is picking up and what you are putting out, and therefore who is hearing it and what’s reverberating back.
  7. We can collapse time and space. That future you want gets to show up today when we change the frequency that we’re emitting. We have to rehearse the way we want our future to feel.
  8. If you want to run straight into serendipity and synchronicity, if you want to run into a mystical, transcendent, blow-your-mind experience, then you have to drop the constant, predictable worries and concerns…and live. That’s really why we’re here.

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