Can Joy Be 100% of Your Day? + Samantha Skelly on How Breathwork Can Transform Your Life


How do you allow more joy into your every day? Cathy coaches a student, Angela, who wants to be a joy consultant but struggles to open up to more joy in her life. Then Samantha Skelly, founder & CEO of Pause Breathwork shares how breathwork can be a powerful healing practice that transforms your mindset and wellbeing. You’ll learn how to connect back to your divine self, how to stop co-creating a life that drains your energy, and how your contribution unlocks the door to your joy.

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1. What you really want more than anything else is you want peace, a feeling of lightness of being. There is no external physical thing that actually delivers that. We deliver it. We generate that.
2. The joy that you’re seeking is in the contribution, the generosity, the service, the purpose. It’s in the momentum of giving your energy away.
3. There’s a freedom when you know that you have the ability to connect back into your most divine self. You have so much access. There are gifts that are desiring to come through your vessel so that the world can receive them.
4. There’s a part of you that is so wise. It’s always leading and guiding you to exactly where you need to be. Take a moment and just be so grateful for that wisdom, that innate intelligence within you. Allow yourself to really claim and declare. When you declare, the universe always responds.
5. The divine is in each one of us. The reason it feels so hidden is because it’s the last place we ever choose to look.
6. Your vibration is your contribution. Joy is your job.
7. There’s only one freaking thing going on – one unified field. You are it. You are the universe.

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