2 Exercises to Help You Live in Integrity & Rediscover the Possibilities in Your Path


What worlds can you create when you’re in a place of self agency and integrity? Cathy walks you through 2 exercises that will help you release the shame around your dark side, become free of codependency, allow people to exit your circle without worrying what they’ll think, and choose belonging to yourself.

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1. Witness all the different parts that have been a part of your personality. They don’t need to be judged. Welcome them all.
2. When we come from self agency and integrity, we can project a lot of healing into the world.
3. It’s not on you to make sure everybody feels good all the time. That’s not your job. Your job is to be in integrity and tell the truth.
4. By having a point of view, setting a price and doing what you do, you’re going to let people exit. Open that exit door, and gracefully allow them to leave. A functioning business has to keep weeding out the wrong people and qualifying the right people. That’s how you win.
5. When your wellbeing is not about how many likes you get or what people pay or don’t pay, then people feel free. People actually want to be around you because you’re safe, you’re real, you’re in leadership, because you’re telling the effing truth.
6. It begins with self acceptance and letting go of shame. It begins with, “I’m in integrity now. There’s no skeleton in the closet that I have to hide from. I’m actually going to lean into that and put that out there.” That’s what makes you a more compelling leader.
7. When you’re willing to look at all of the broken, beautiful highs and lows – the best part is not the money you make or the opportunities you get. The coolest part is something called freedom. It’s being able to say, “I spent today as myself. Instead of choosing to belong to that other person, I chose to belong to myself.”

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