Julia Cameron on How to Rediscover Your Creative Spark & Have Fun in the Writing Process


How can you reconnect with your creativity? Julia Cameron, bestselling author of The Artist’s Way, poet, songwriter, filmmaker and playwright is back to share the wisdom in her latest book, Write for Life. She explains how you can find humor and joy in the creative process, how to stop being so hard on yourself, how to finish a project even when it’s not perfect, and how to dismantle the competition by getting empowered by the other greats who have gone before you.

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1. All of us have a creative inner spark. As we contact it, we come to trust it. And as we trust it, we expand.
2. We’re missing humor. Let yourself play again. Let yourself be just a little bit funny. Write a bad poem. Because when you do, it’ll make you happy.
3. There’s no wrong emotion when you’re doing your Morning Pages. Write your pages when you’re feeling sad, or petty, or grumpy. All parts of you are welcome here.
4. Treating yourself like a precious object will make you strong. We don’t have to flog ourselves forward and beat ourselves up. Instead we need to try coaxing ourselves forward.
5. You can all do this. You all have the power within you to succeed. You all have a light heart if you let yourself have a light heart.
6. Instead of trying to scale the wall, burrow under the wall and say, “I’m willing to finish this work, even if it’s terrible. I’m willing to write badly.” When we become willing to finish something badly, we often have the freedom to finish something.
7. Dismantle your competition and realize that you are the origin of your work. What you have to say has validity. You need to tell your own story. Stop worrying so much about the other greats that have said it better. It’s you and your higher power that are the power. 

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