How to Step Into Your Full Authentic Power & Reach A New Destination


How can you get into coherence and creativity? Cathy shares two coaching calls about how to understand the science of being in full alignment, why you need an infinite amount of money, how to turn on your radio signal, what step you really need to take when you’re starting over, and how to unlock new ideas by being in harmony every single day.

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  1. When you start to have coherence, when you’re feeling good, you’re feeling grateful, you’re feeling wonder, you’re feeling awe, you’re feeling surrender, you’re feeling that lightness of being – of course that’s when you get the creative vision.
  2. Unhook from an externalized source of your wellbeing and generate it by your own energetic state. That is authentic power. That is the result that you want. From there, a zillion seeds get planted, and then they start sprouting.
  3. You don’t have to figure it out. When we’re in alignment, the opportunities, the impulses, ideas and synchronicities come.
  4. The world is an orchestra. You are literally an instrument that emits a vibration into a field. It’s all a resonance vibration. That is what we do.
  5. You do need a billion dollars. You need a trillion dollars. You need an infinite because you are the infinite. The one you, the proverbial you needs an infinite amount of energy. The only thing that works is the infinite amount.
  6. It’s time to stop feeling shame around being the bird that doesn’t fly with the pack. What if on behalf of everyone’s abundance, you left the line. Cosign how much is all good and possible.
  7. The only way you’re going to hear this music is when you’re in harmony. Your job every single day is to get out of the static. You’ve got to move into a higher state of mind so that creativity turns on.
  8. The fun part is being in the lab. It’s trying things, it’s adding different colors together. It’s seeing what sticks and seeing how people respond. It’s being willing to be in the discovery of it. You keep figuring it out as you go and all you get is the next clue. It’s the greatest scavenger hunt.

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