How to Enter a New Reality + a Mindfulness Practice to Get You Into Alignment


How can you find the gift in every moment and come back to yourself? Cathy shares some pieces from her retreat, including how to slow down and savor the present, how to create change through your vibration, how to step into alignment, and how to mentally rehearse the life you want so that it becomes your reality.

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  1. You are so powerful. You haven’t even scratched the surface of what you could do.
  2. When you’re coherent, when you’re in a state of alignment, when your electronic thoughts are all radiating the true and total expansion of what it means to be a force called a human being – then everywhere you go, you’ll light people up just by loving them. You can love people into life.
  3. Our only job every single second is to see how we are managing our vibration.
  4. Every single second is like a sound and light show. It is such an extraordinary gift.
  5. It’s not a net neutral universe. It’s actually so net positive that whenever you take one right step in alignment, the universe meets you with a thousand more steps. When you are fully and totally claiming your power, it is a match. The universe responds to you.
  6. You can’t be disappointed and get what you want. You can’t be in worry and get what you want. We don’t get what we want. We get what we are. So you have to be what you want. When you are it – boom. It comes.
  7. It’s an optical illusion that we’re separate. We’re actually just swimming in a field, in one big pool. So we all need to do this for the collective.

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