How to Build Grit & Optimism When You’re Climbing the Mountain – Our 700th Episode!


How can you love the learning process when it feels like your goal is so far away? Cathy shares a couple coaching calls about how to cultivate resilience, how to stop thinking that you have to apply to be you, how to become a radio signal for the people you’re meant to serve, and how to find joy in the climb.

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1. It doesn’t matter how talented you are. It’s the grit and optimism that matters. You have to say, “I know it’s here. I know it’s coming.” And it will.
2. Playing the game is the joy. There’s no greater satisfaction other than the climb. The satisfaction is in bumping up against new problems to solve, finding new courage and resourcefulness in yourself, and allowing in more ease. That is where the joy comes from.
3. Everything we’re chasing every day is a feeling.
4. Everyone has access to the divine source of all intelligence, the electricity. When you see anything fully aligned and fully resonant, it moves you back into the stream.
5. It’s never about the strategic move. It’s the energy. We are so freaking powerful when we’re totally turned on with all the Christmas tree lights. That’s what moves things.
6. What happens in your life is an iceberg. Everything you were doing that you thought nobody saw, but you did it because it’s who you are in integrity, you get known for that. Then you’re not waiting. There is no application.
7. When you’re fully aligned, you have a rocket ship of momentum. When we’re fully in that, out of the blue, the people who can launch it forward will hear the call.
8. The audience you’re here to impact are an inevitable byproduct of you being in your light.

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