Donald Miller on How to Grow Your Business & the Perfect Formula to Closing Sales


What are the essential pieces your business needs in order to take off? Donald Miller, CEO of StoryBrand and Business Made Simple, business educator, NYT bestselling author, and podcast host is back to share the core lessons from his new book, How to Grow Your Small Business. He teaches you how to be a great leader instead of a people pleaser, how to close a sale in 5 easy steps, why you need to be the person to make lots of money, why creative people make the best marketers, and how to put your self doubt aside and stand in your authority.

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1. In a moment of hardship, it’s up to you to figure out the lesson. You have to take responsibility and own it.
2. Start with your customer’s problem. Position your product as the solution to their problem. Give them a three step plan on how to buy that product. Talk about the negative stakes that will happen if they don’t buy it. Talk about the positive stakes that will happen if they do. And finally, just ask them to buy it. If you do those things, you will close sales.
3. Money is not evil. It’s just what you do with it. We need to be the sort of people who give money a good name.
4. You don’t want to tell your story. You want to invite people into a story in which they’re a hero stuck in a hole, and you are the guide that helps them out of that hole.
5. Tap into your inner lioness. Your low self-esteem and insecurities are not of service to your clients’ wellbeing. We need you to actually stand in authority. Even if you’re not the best, you’re going to try and figure it out and get this right.
6. In order to become a good leader, you have to be more interested in being respected than being liked.
7. Creative artists make the best marketers. The key is to turn off any part of your brain that’s trying to do “marketing” and instead turn on the part of your brain that’s trying to invite people into a story and change their lives. Just be authentic and totally human about it.

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