Arthur Brooks on How to Find Success, Happiness & Deep Purpose


How can you be happier as you keep moving through life? Arthur Brooks, Harvard professor, social scientist, #1 bestselling author, and columnist at The Atlantic began his career as a classical musician and later found his purpose and passion for studying happiness and sharing his discoveries with the rest of the world. He teaches you how to move past your animal nature and let your divine nature guide you, why self care is not the answer to feeling better, how to redefine yourself as an asset instead of a liability, and how the act of giving allows you to reclaim your power.

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1. Mother Nature doesn’t care if you’re happy. That means we are responsible for our own happiness. Mother Nature wants you to focus on you, you, you, and you gotta focus out, out, out.
2. You have power over your impulses. You just have to give yourself time and recognize that those feelings that you have don’t dictate your reactions. You get to decide your reactions.
3. Other care will make you happier than self-care. If you want to feel better, it’s about figuring out something to do that’s a completely unprovoked kindness for somebody else. When you do that thing for other people, it’s just like magic.
4. The gift is in the giving. And the one thing that’s a true gift to everybody, is to be needed. We bless the poor by empowering them to bless us.
5. We have to lift each other up as much as we possibly can with whatever time that we have. The ultimate secret to getting happier is sharing the secrets to happiness with other people.
6. Everybody can take their power back by serving others. Serve others, and you have power. You have redefined yourself as an asset instead of a liability. The more that you do that, the better off you’ll be.
7. Set aside 10 minutes a day. Spend half of it reading and half of it just sitting without devices. Once the door is cracked, that higher power is going to open it up and come through. And if you’ve got the courage to let that door open, it’s going to change you.

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