Mitch Grassi on How Pentatonix Became a Global Sensation & How to Enjoy Your Life


How can you stop taking everything so seriously, let yourself be messy, and just have fun? Mitch Grassi, musician, singer, 1/5 of the Grammy Award-winning vocal group Pentatonix, and the voice and mastermind behind Messer, grew up wondering why he never felt like he fit in. But through his music, he has embraced what makes him stand out, which has had a ripple effect on millions of people around the world. He shares how Pentatonix became a huge success after their first record label dropped them, how to let in lightness and love, give yourself permission to not be perfect (even when performing live for thousands of people), enjoy the ride, and trust that everything is working out the way it’s meant to be.

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  1. You’re not supposed to fit in and be like everybody else. We’re all so different and so strange. Love your quirks.
  2. Make it easy on yourself. Enjoy the ride, have fun, and laugh your way through it. We only get one shot at this.
  3. Quiet is not a weakness. You don’t always have to try to fill the space. It’s okay to just sit in the moment.
  4. It doesn’t have to be perfect because it never will be. If you mess up, you mess up. It’s all part of it. It just means you can laugh at yourself, go out there, make people feel good, and have the best time you can.
  5. Trust your gut because it’s never going to lead you astray. Make the thing that’s going to make you feel good.
  6. If you don’t start something, you’ll stay in the same place. Everybody is a beginner at something, but you only get better if you put in the work.
  7. Take a long, hard look at yourself every single day. Don’t scrutinize or judge. Just recognize that Gd is in you and you are Gd. Gd is love. It’s about spreading love and good feelings.
  8. Trust that everything is working out, and it’s working in the exact order that it’s meant to be.

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