Dr. Nicole LePera on How to Heal Yourself & Honor Your Authentic Truth


How can you create real change in the habits and patterns that take you away from your true self? Dr. Nicole LePera, holistic psychologist, NYT bestselling author, podcaster, and leading voice in self healing is back to help you uncover your authentic self, celebrate your talents and idiosyncrasies, challenge the behaviors that aren’t serving you anymore, create new opportunities to make a different choice, and navigate the roadmap to self healing.

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  1. Wellbeing means being a present, grounded being. When you’re a connected presence in your life, it allows for the variation of emotions that generate the human experience.
  2. Become a conscious participant. See all of the ways your body and subconscious patterns are driving your behaviors, deeper beliefs. Over time, you’ll create the space for that responsiveness, that equanimity, and that felt freedom.
  3. Give compassion to the unwanted habits and patterns that have kept you safe. When you celebrate them, you give yourself the opportunity to change.
  4. We live in an energetic symphony. We have thrived as a species through interdependence and allowing the space to be our own unique puzzle piece, to be who we are in that flow state with all of our given talents, quirks, idiosyncrasies, and allowing everyone to be in that pure state of energetic flow.
  5. Challenge that desire for the familiar that pull you right back into the habits and patterns. Becoming conscious and consistently stringing together the small choices is what truly creates change.
  6. Give yourself grace even if you don’t think the reason is “good enough.” Give yourself the opportunity in every new moment to make a different choice. Even when you’ve fallen off, you now trust yourself to return.
  7. Stay in your authentic truth. Listen to how that truth is landing. Your authenticity, your journey is for you, and it feels good. It allows you to live in that purpose.
  8. The world changes by people gathering together in communication, hearing new information, being open to it, taking what resonates with you, and really participating in this beautiful journey of life.

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