Adam Pascal on the Life Changing Journey of Being in Rent & Everything That Came After


How can you have the willingness and humility to be led to a new dream? Adam Pascal, Tony Award nominated actor, singer, and musician didn’t grow up with aspirations of becoming a Broadway star. But when his childhood friend Idina Menzel asked if he would audition for an off Broadway musical called Rent, he thought “Why not?” and the rest is history. He shares how to say yes to an opportunity even if you’re terrified, why the audience’s response is not your responsibility, how to love the drudgery and heartbreak of the job, and how getting knocked down can be the start of a healthy relationship with your ego.

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  1. It’s not your responsibility to carry the weight of telling an important story. The audience will absorb it or they won’t. Just do your job, have fun, tell this story in the best way that you can, but don’t saddle yourself with the importance of it.
  2. When something in you tells you that you can do it, take the opportunity – even if you’re terrified.
  3. It can be a test when other people give you what they think is best for you. But ultimately, sometimes the dreams that we wind up chasing are the dreams that chase us back.
  4. There’s just clues pointing you towards where you really are meant to be in this moment. Have the humility and willingness to be led by that.
  5. The job is not quitting. The job is going after the gigs, and dealing with the drudgery, heartbreak, the pain and anguish and the struggle. That’s the job. You do this because you love it.
  6. Be willing and able to find a level of peace within yourself on the journey.
  7. Sometimes the best thing for somebody is to get knocked down a little bit. You have to know what that feels like to be able to build a healthy relationship with your ego. It’s important to maintain humbleness and humility and understand reality.
  8. Be in the moment. Live where you are.

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