A Masterclass in Branding, Social Media & Building Community with Worth. Women Founders Katy Brosious & Keziah Felak


What steps will get your business off the ground? Katy Brosious and Keziah Felak, founders of Worth. Women both found freedom after leaving their day jobs and turning their side hustles into a full time business. Now they’re on a mission to grow a community to empower and educate other women entrepreneurs. They teach you how to deal with your fears, how to build a close community both in person and online, how to establish a brand that’s authentic to you, and how to be open to new possibilities.

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1. Don’t put yourself in a box. Be open to change and whatever comes your way.
2. If you’re thinking about trying something, just do it. What’s the worst that can happen? You fail, pick up, and do something else.
3. Be comfortable with being uncomfortable.
4. When you’re scared, do it anyway. Because on the other side of that fear is something that you could’ve never even envisioned for yourself.
5. Show up authentically. Be yourself.
6. Community over competition. There’s enough opportunities for everyone. We’re all in this together.
7. Don’t be afraid to pivot when you need to. Focus on the next step to serve your followers better.
8. Give yourself grace, be patient with the process, and take it one step at a time.

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