Sona Movsesian on Becoming Conan O’Brien’s “Worst Assistant” & Making Fun A Priority


How can fun be a must-have in your career and life? Sona Movsesian, Conan O’Brien’s longtime assistant, NYT bestselling author, and podcast host was always open to whatever came her way, which led to opportunities she never expected to happen. She shares how to turn the ordinary into the extraordinary, constantly surprise and show up for yourself, prioritize your wellbeing, and see outside of your tunnel vision so you can allow in the adventure.

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1. From the ordinary, things can become extraordinary.
2. It’s never about the job, the money, the thing or the praise. It’s about who you become in realizing your capacity for more courage and belief, in constantly surprising yourself and constantly showing yourself what you’re capable of. That feeling of satisfaction is everything.
3. When we’re busy enjoying our life and having fun, it’s the jackpot.
4. Take a look at your job and ask, “Am I working with people I like? Am I doing something that I enjoy?” It’s okay to prioritize your wellbeing and joy.
5. When you’re all in, you won’t believe how many doors open.
6. Step away from the tunnel vision of your plan. When you’re open to anything and you’re excited about it, that makes all the difference.
7. There’s a lot of wellbeing in choosing what you have. It’s not a failure, that’s a win.

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