Norah Jones on Navigating Music Fame & Playing in the Creative Process


How can you push through doubt and love what you create? Norah Jones, multi Grammy-winning singer songwriter, musician, and podcaster didn’t expect that her debut album Come Away With Me would hit the top of the Billboard charts, become diamond certified, win numerous Grammys, and touch the hearts of millions of people. She shares how she has stayed true to her passion throughout the fame, how to stay in the flow during the creative process, why it’s okay to do nothing, and how to have the most fun you can possibly have.

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1. All we want is a change in frequency. Take your audience away to a totally different energetic place.
2. No matter what you do, it’s going to be good or bad to some people. You have no control over that. So you have to love it yourself. That’s really all that matters.
3. Play with no parameters. Just see where it takes you.
4. When you’re trying to be creative, don’t worry about editing yourself. Just do it. The more you go and chip away at it, the more you’ll like it.
5. Even if you do nothing, that can be really productive.
6. Take a moment with your thoughts. That’s how you get creative.
7. Have the most fun you could possibly have.

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