My Interview About How to Claim Abundance & Feel Good


What does it take to have an abundant life? Cathy shares an interview she had on the Everyone’s Talkin’ Money Podcast, hosted by money expert and financial planner Shannah Game. You’ll learn how to tune into the expansiveness of the universe, reframe your money mindset, get into the elevated state of feeling good, and open to the reception of everything that’s already available to you.

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1. The universe is abundant. It’s infinite. Every acorn is the promise of thousands of forests. When you look through the eyes of the world being what it actually is, which is infinite and abundant, it’s really right here for you.
2. Joy is for no reason. Joy, in and of itself, is the lightness of your own being.
3. When we understand that our job in this life is to tune out our own instrument to a frequency of feeling good and joy and wellbeing, the abundance is already done.
4. Money is just a resource and a magnifier. So it’s not really about the money. It’s about your alignment, your own energy and your own wellbeing.  If your thoughts are in a very elevated place, you could have money or no money – because you’ve already won.
5. It takes great optimism to be an entrepreneur. You need to feel the possibility and the vision. We have to take responsibility for that. Make it your business every morning to select your thoughts.
6. The steps and the action are not hard. It’s the vision of claiming this. It’s the mindset. If you can work that mindset and take those steps, you will get paid to be you, and you will start to find abundance.
7. The happiness is in the journey. It’s never really about selling the product or getting your podcast to grow. It’s about who you become along the way.
8. The whole game that we’re playing is to be in a state of radical receptivity, radical reception. Look at what station you’re tuned to and what receptivity you have, because that’s what you’ll allow in.

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