Can You Make a Business Plan for Abundance? – Most Abundant Year Workshop


Is it possible to create a business plan that sets you up for abundance? Cathy helps a realtor, Chernice, who is excited about the infinite possibilities, but feels conflicted when she tries to outline her business and financial goals. You’ll learn how to sell by showing up, how to start building relationships with your audience, how to get clarity on your alignment, and how to expand your business by turning your focus from goals to creativity and generosity.

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  1. Our essence is endless. It’s a constant stream that gives life, gives love, receives it, takes it back in, and it gives it back.
  2. There’s only one infinite ecosystem. So just allow in as much as possible. Have the grace to show up, do your job, and live to your potential.
  3. If you only changed direction by 2 degrees, you have a different future. You do not wind up in the same destination. You have a different result.
  4. Abundance is abundance is abundance. It’s just about starting to be creative, starting to see your passions, starting to see things that work in business that you could apply to a business you want to start. And it’s really all there for you.
  5. The beginning of the story is just what you think it is. The end of the story is what you bring to it. Because our creativity is reality. Our resourcefulness is reality. Our ability to use our mind and our energy to move this world is reality.
  6. When we get busy being creative, the abundance starts making a beeline for you. Then you’re no longer looking at a business plan, but you’re showing up.
  7. Ask yourself, “Who’s my person? Where are they hanging out? How can I serve them now?” Let them have you.
  8. You get business when you’re not waiting for somebody to give you business. You go get the business because you’re going to show up and deposit, deposit, deposit, deposit.
  9. You go first and the universe will respond.

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