Beautiful Chorus’s Alexandra Love on How to Follow Your Intuition & Step in the Creative Flow


How can you tune into yourself and trust in your inner knowing? Alexandra Love, director and lead of Beautiful Chorus, spiritual coach, meditative guide, sound healing musician, writer and artist had no expectations when she created Beautiful Chorus, which has become one of the most successful independent vocal groups in the world. She shares how to make every moment intuitive, get into your creative flow state, allow in and accept love, approach each situation without being weighed by your emotions, and find your wings and fly.

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  1. When you have no expectations and you just follow the energy, you begin to expand.
  2. Follow your intuition, get in tune with yourself. Be comfortable with solitude, silence and stillness and also action and inspiration.
  3. Life is good and life can be what we make it. Just take up space and have fun. Don’t be afraid of being too much if you’re being your authentic self.
  4. Put your flow state at the top of your list of priorities. If you really wanna honor your flow state, bring it into your life as much as possible. Follow your own impulses as much as possible.
  5. Every waking moment is intuitive. There is guidance. There are signs. Let the way you feel, the way your body feels, inform your life.
  6. Sometimes the simplest things end up being the most profound and bring us to who we are.
  7. Be willing to fail a lot of times. Failure doesn’t actually exist because there’s no fixed state of failure. There’s always more.
  8. Love is just allowance. Love is just acceptance. You don’t have to do anything to love.
  9. If you drop the stuff you don’t need, then you won’t have to climb. You’ll have wings and you can fly.

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