A Wake Up Call About Moving from Lack into Abundance


How can you break through your fear of stepping into your full value? Cathy shares a coaching session with Sarah, who doesn’t feel comfortable charging more but also feels the pressure of needing to make money in her business. This wake up call will teach you why you haven’t been generating the income you want, how to get out of the scarcity mentality, and how to change more lives when you allow in abundance.

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1. If something is not part of our experience, it’s because we’re not allowing it to be.
2. Give yourself the gift of just claiming wherever your reality is.
3. You can’t open a shop on Main Street and keep it closed 11 months out of the year. That is not a business. You need to be open for business every single day.
4. You should want to be the most expensive, the most valuable.
5. You are gold. You have the ability to move people into something so much bigger.
6. Be willing to state your price. Give them the opportunity to decide that that’s a possibility for their life. It’s just energy. It’s just a new frontier that you get to show and hold and invite them.
7. You’re the main attraction. You’re the draw. Let people realize how much they need to step in and choose you.
8. Put it out there, call people up, charge more. Call in the person you can actually help play in the market.

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