Peter Crone on How to Love Your Authentic Self & Be Free to Say What You Want


How can you accept and love yourself without worrying what other people think? Peter Crone, aka The Mind Architect, writer, speaker, coach, and thought leader in human awakening and potential has devoted his life to helping people redesign their subconscious mind, step out of suffering, and find freedom from the mental blocks holding you back. He teaches you how manifestation really works, how to embrace conflict as a gift, how to take responsibility for your life, how to be free to be the real you.

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  1. You’re just a walking conversation that creates this idea of your persona. It’s your personality creating your personal reality. But underneath all of it is unity. Love has  always been present.
  2. Conflict is a gift, not a problem. You are the generator of your own experience. You’re not the victim of circumstance. You’re fully responsible for my life.  Whatever you are experiencing is on you, not because of something. Instead of avoiding pain and discomfort, see it as a catalyst for greater freedom.
  3. True belonging is the absence of the need to try and belong.
  4. Playing it safe is the riskiest way to live. What do you have to lose? You don’t know what’s going to happen until you try.
  5. You can play the game of trying to be loved and accepted by the world, or you can play the game of discovering love and acceptance for yourself. It’s your choice.
  6. The greatest gift you can give yourself, and consequently the world, is to realize that you are everything you are looking for at the deepest level.
  7. Manifestation is just another fancy word for physics. You don’t want what you think you want. You want a feeling. You want a vibration, you want a frequency, you want to experience a particular aspect of yourself. You can tap into the frequency that you think it’ll give you because you already have that. It’s not a doing. It’s an allowing for those things to show up.
  8. Slow down and be where you are, as opposed to trying to be where you’re not. Take that extra second to be fully present and just notice how the experience of worth, of yourself and life starts to escalate.

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