How Paige Mycoskie Grew Aviator Nation into a Giant Success & Always Has Fun


How can you prioritize joy, fun, and positive energy at every stage of your life and business? Paige Mycoskie, founder and creative visionary of Aviator Nation always followed what felt good, and now she has a multimillion dollar clothing brand that continues to soar. She shares how to have the courage to take risks, price your offer without apologizing for it, create a memorable brand, build a thriving team, and turn hardships into the fuel for your growth.

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1. Follow what feels good.
2. The joy isn’t in the numbers. It’s in the fact that you can support yourself and do what you love. Tune in to what you love and don’t worry about the numbers. The numbers will come if you are focused on making the product great.
3. When you’re building a company, you have to charge for whatever you’re offering. You can’t give away everything for free. Do what you need to do to pay yourself.  That’s just expected. That’s necessary.
4. Stay true to your story, to your mission, and to what you want.
5. No matter how big the business gets, make sure you’re still doing the things that you love to do. That’s really how you stay with it.
6. Value the people that are around you, helping you, working for you as you grow. When your team loves what they do, then everyone vibes on that. It makes everyone better.
7. Be willing to take a risk. You need to have an appetite for not trying to control and predict things. Be up for the adventure.
8. If you’re not making mistakes and you’re not trying new things, you’re not growing at all. Growth is born from hardships. Let the things that bring you down fuel you to do it better and stronger.

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