Neil Pasricha on How to Make Your Life Awesome


How can you change your paradigm by celebrating the small joys in life? Neil Pasricha, author of ten NYT and #1 internationally bestselling books and journals, podcaster, blogger, and speaker is back on the podcast to share what he learned while writing his new book, Our Book of Awesome. He teaches you how to make your day happier with 3 simple prompts each morning, why reading fiction makes you a better human, how to build an audience, how to let go of perfectionism, and how to open your eyes to all the moments that make your life awesome.

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  1. If you can just do one tiny iota of your craft a day, that is often enough. As long as you’re making something, then some of it will be good.
  2. Get outside, get active and read some fiction. A reader lives a thousand lives before they die. The person who never reads, lives only one.
  3. Take two minutes in your morning to write down, “I will let go of, I am grateful for. And I will focus on.” The other 998 minutes of your day will be so much happier.
  4. What’s the smallest possible morsel of creative output you could flow on a regular basis? When you have a rhythm, you have an audience.
  5. Don’t be afraid to tell people what you’re doing.
  6. There are three S’s of success – sales, social, and self. It’s up to you which success you want.
  7. The goal is not to be perfect. It’s just to be better than before.

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