How to Sell & Make a Lot of Money Through Conversation


How can you grow your business by connecting with another human being? Cathy shares a coaching call with two women, Diane and Daphne from her mastermind who have a product and a vision of where they want to sell it, but they’re not sure what step is next. Then listen to Cathy’s conversation with comedian Mark Schiff about his new book, Why Not? You’ll learn how to open unbelievable doors with the “why not” approach, what your outreach plan should look like, how to generate sales before you have everything else figured out, how to let go of other people’s decision to buy or not, and how to build an empire through your enthusiasm.

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1. Lean all the way into what makes your thing unique.
2. Everything is about selling first. Sell your way through the process. Make the sale and then you’ll figure out the how.
3. Move out of the codependency. This is not about you carrying someone else’s decision. This is just business. This isn’t personal. You’re not affected, you’re unattached. So let’s go. Wheels up. You got the whole world at your feet. Just see who’s in and who’s out. That’s your next step.
4. Most people spend the whole year designing a site, a funnel, a social media plan. But let’s not worry about that right now. Let’s just get some data and get some sales. Let’s talk to a lot of human beings, a lot of buyers, a lot of decision makers. Let’s see what they want and let’s just make money.
5. Bring your enthusiasm. Enthusiasm is the most infectious state of being.
6. Tell mediocre stories so much that you wind up telling brilliant stories. This is what it takes. And on the other side of this, it’s freedom. It’s an empire. The money’s already out there. You just have to be willing to go out there and receive it.
7. Courage, enthusiasm, and vision. There’s nothing else to figure out.

8. If you have a dream, say, “Why not?” and follow it.

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