How Jewel Went From a Homeless Teen to a Music Phenomenon & Miracle Manifestor


How can you find happiness no matter what you’re facing? Jewel, multi-platinum and Grammy-nominated singer songwriter never planned on becoming a famous music artist. But when she found healing through writing, she became a vessel for the music that poured through her. She shares how you can turn your thoughts and your life around, how investing in your humanity leads to magic, what tools and practices you can use to elevate your mental health, how perception becomes power, and how to develop a root system that grows miracles. Then you’ll also hear a powerful coaching call about how to allow in abundance, break generational patterns, and create light even in the midst of darkness.

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  1. You can’t outrun pain. Be the buffalo. Move toward the pain, move toward the uncomfortable thing. The quickest way is through.
  2. Power is perception. Perception is power. The more we can conceive and perceive, the more you can become still, quiet, listen, observe, expand your realm of thought, the more powerful you become. Use that power to benefit you and your community.
  3. We don’t get to choose how life changes. We only get to choose how it changes us. Every day we wake up is a choice.
  4. When you devote yourself to a process, to your own growth, to being true to your nature…that’s when miracles happen.
  5. Invest in your character and in your own humanity. Do the thing that’s right in your heart. Even if it looks like you’re paying a price, it will pay dividends.
  6. Happiness doesn’t depend on who you are or what you have. It depends on what you think. When you can be happy anywhere, you become unleverageable.
  7. There is always, always equality. There is always equal parts darkness and light. For every broken thing, we can point to something that’s beautiful. That’s the harmony.
  8. You are already abundant. It’s your birthright. You’ve won the life lottery.
  9. You can change generational wealth. You can let that in. You can have it, and you will pour it into the people around you. You’re a custodian of this wealth.

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