Gino Wickman’s 10 Disciplines to Manage & Maximize Your Energy


How can you jumpstart your journey to living your dream life? Gino Wickman, bestselling author, entrepreneur, speaker, teacher, and founder of EOS Worldwide has always been an entrepreneurial spirit, and he’s on a mission to help other entrepreneurs achieve greatness and freedom. He shares what traits are essential for any entrepreneur, how his 10 disciplines will improve your focus and energy, how to have the courage to charge the highest price in town, how to know thyself, and how to find magic in stillness.

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  1. Take risks. It’s the most essential trait of being an entrepreneur.
  2. Understand all of your options in the world. Don’t just copy the other entrepreneurs. Figure out what you’re drawn to and go build the business you’re built for.
  3. You want to be the highest price, highest value in town.
  4. If you heal the inside, you will literally be 10 times more driven.
  5. Your journey, your energy, and the impact you will have on the world is much greater when you’re humble and grateful.
  6. You can’t be yourself until you know thyself. Keep chipping away at the marble to figure out the sculpture that you are, so you can just be that in the world.
  7. Your ego has been protecting you your entire life. So don’t try to kill it. Embrace it.
  8. In stillness, magic happens. Your soul wants stillness. Try it for 10 minutes a day. Don’t expect a single thing to happen. Just be still and trust it.

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