Atticus the Poet on the Power of Anonymity & Imperfect LVOE


How can you tune into the happiness and love inside of you? Atticus, NYT bestselling author, poet, storyteller, traveler, and entrepreneur never expected that his words would reach an audience of millions, without having to reveal his true identity. He shares how to find the light in dark times, how to stop opting into stress, why he chooses to stay anonymous, and how to embrace the imperfect love that connects us all.

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1. Write what you really feel, not what you think you should feel.
2. Love doesn’t need to be perfect. It’s imperfect love.
3. We see more with our eyes closed than open.
4. We are all one. Love is loving yourself in other people.
5. All of the stresses, the busyness – that’s your choice. You don’t have to opt into it.
6. Look for the people doing good. Always go towards the light and one day you’ll be able to find the way.
7. The entire show, all of history is one present moment. All of the darkness serves this oneness, the light.
8. Happiness is not outside of you. It comes from within.

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