Why Your Actions Haven’t Created the Results You Want


What underlying blocks are holding you back from the impact and income you want? Cathy coaches Kate, a psychotherapist, author, coach, and speaker who feels like she’s hitting an edge and isn’t sure what’s keeping her stuck. You’ll learn why the problem you think you have isn’t actually a problem, why action alone won’t summon the magic you desire, how to turn your ego into a gift, and how to gather the courage to put down your resistance and go first.

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1. You don’t have to be codependent on what other people think. There is a point at which it’s really a choice. It’s a choice to choose a different thought, a different interpretation, a different belief.
2. We each come to this world to be creators. The greatest, most incredible, most beautiful symphony we create is in allowing and being fully receptive to all the most unbelievably beautiful things to enter our vortex.
3. If you want to create by thought alone, you have to become thought alone.
4. Being in creation mode is not about the effort, or how good or smart or kind or consistent you are. You spin imaginary webs of the most beautiful things, simply by fully and totally energetically summoning them to you. We summon them to us by letting go of the disbelief, by letting go of the feeling of separation from them.
5. There’s plenty of room for you to make millions of dollars. There’s a world of people who will spend that much money to hang out with that much resonance.
6. The cost of admission to people paying you is having the courage to put down your resistance. The cost of admission is you go first.
7. The ego is the jewel of this experience. It’s the leading edge. It’s the part of you that always has contrast and tells you that next point of expansion. It’s all a gift.
8. The door is already unlocked and open. All you have to do is walk through it.

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