Jeff Malmberg on the Magic of Mickey Mouse, Walt Disney & Mr. Rogers + 2 Major Breakthroughs at My Retreat


How can you hold onto belief when it feels like you can’t find the evidence for it? Jeff Malmberg, Grammy nominated documentary filmmaker and editor shares what he’s learned from working on beloved documentaries like “Won’t You Be My Neighbor?” and “Mickey: The Story of a Mouse,” including how we can give the gift of excitement and passion to others, how to believe in yourself when you’re the underdog, and how to harness the power of listening. You’ll also hear two inspiring breakthrough moments during Cathy’s retreat that will help you to stop playing small, lift the veil that blocks you from your magic, level up, and create from a place of full blown fun and freedom.

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1. Put your idea through the For Fun and For Freedom Filter. Is your offer for fun and is it for freedom? Everything has to be a heck yes.
2. Smallness is not for you.
3. No one can reject you but you.
4. We are in a massive, transformative transgression of shedding the old and rebirthing the new. This is a universal shift that we are all being called to level the eff up.
5. You have to be creative. They can’t outsource your creativity, your love or your vulnerability.
6. Your soul is giving you a signal. All the guides, all the things are here but they can only come through when you lift the veil.
7. The best thing you can do for someone else is inspire them to get excited and passionate about something.
8. You are loved for no reason other than you are worthy of that.
9. When it comes to belief, no evidence is required. There’s something really magical in the power to get back up again and keep going simply because you believe you can do it, even if all evidence points to the contrary.

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