How to Tune into Reception & Have the Most Mystical Adventure of Your Life


How do you become a master manifestor? Cathy shares powerful pieces from her retreat, including how to crack open the portal to possibilities, create magical experiences through radical reception, set down your blocks, and come back home to the delight and surprise of being in your alignment.

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  1. It’s all here already. You just need the right receiver to hear. It’s allowing it in, receiving, making space, which means your job is to tune in.
  2. The reception is about dissolving all the walls we’ve built to receiving it. You can become a master manifestor by just being a master receiver, by having radical reception.
  3. Keep changing the channel until you hear your song. From that place, you’ll be totally surprised and delighted. That’s your highest vibration, a mystical, unpredictable adventure of your life. That’s really what you want. Don’t stop until you get there.
  4. All we want is access back to our own receiver. We want to come back home to our own deeper sense of resonance and alignment. Because from that place, all things crack open. All things are possible.
  5. Frequency carries energy. It doesn’t matter what your sales page looks like or whether you have the product already made. It’s the resonance they’re buying. The energy is the glue.
  6. Stop making it about you. You’re not an ego, you’re a soul. It’s not about you unless we’re talking about who you really are, which is an extension of God himself. It’s only one energy. It’s only oneness.
  7. When you become conscious of what you are unconscious of, it starts to go away. It no longer has power over you.
  8. This universe is net positive. It’s not net neutral. The deck is so stacked in our favor. We find coherence by tapping in and by being aligned and by setting down the blocks, which is of the ultimate power and frequency. Move into that resonance and things will start to unfold.

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