Candace Nelson on the Simple Recipe to Turn Your Passion into Profit & Create Sweet Success


How can something you love become the most magical, delicious business of your dreams? Candace Nelson, cofounder of Sprinkles Cupcakes, Pizzana, CN2 Ventures, NYT bestselling author, exec producer & Sugar Rush judge didn’t expect her cupcake business to skyrocket when she began baking in her tiny West Hollywood kitchen. Multiple empires later, she’s now revealing the ingredients that made her companies soar in her new book, Sweet Success. She teaches you how to make a brand that creates customers, why it’s advantageous to start small, how to grow by being the least knowledgeable person in the room, how to see the possibility in your vision despite the doubters, and why you should bet on your dream.

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1. Bet on your dream.
2. It’s your enthusiasm, that infectious energy that just brings people to you. It’s also the extra battery pack that keeps you charged when the times get tough.
3. Your brand starts with your reason for being, your why, your purpose.
4. Word of mouth marketing is the holy grail. You don’t have to pay for it and it means your customers love your product so much that they’re doing the marketing for you.
5. It’s okay to start small and do things that don’t scale. Develop those relationships, learn the problems, find the solutions, and keep tweaking.
6. Have a growth mindset. Take on a new challenge. Put yourself in situations where you don’t know what the heck is going on. You’ll ultimately build confidence because by continuing to challenge yourself, continuing to take on new projects and new ideas, you see what you’re capable of.
7. You might fall flat on your face, but you’ll survive. And on the other side, you also might just absolutely succeed.
8. Sometimes we want to hide in fear of bad times, but you have to keep showing up and doing what you do. If you’re delivering a great product and you’re standing behind your mission, people will make room for you.
9. You need a big business because you need a big voice and your vote needs to count. And the only way that happens is by writing a check. You don’t have any more time to sit by and say, “Who am I to charge? Who am I to start a business?” Nope. Time’s up on that.

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