Andrea McLean on How to Believe in Yourself, Unlock Courage & Reclaim Your Power


How can you confront your fear with love and learn to walk alongside it? Andrea McLean, mindset mentor, CEO & cofounder of This Girl Is On Fire, life coach, award-winning national television broadcaster, #1 Sunday Times bestselling author, and podcaster quit her 20+ year career in TV broadcasting so that she could build a movement to help other women rise in their power. She teaches you how to become unstoppable when you identify with the “I am,” how to flip your negative beliefs that keep you from your full potential, and how to truly live and thrive as your authentic self.

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1. Freedom is on the other side of your authenticity.
2. Instead of thinking “Who am I if I’m not x,y or z”, turn that thought into, “I am now becoming what I’m meant to be.” The whole worry of “Who am I if I am not” is irrelevant because I am what I am.
3. The greatest, most satisfying moment is sitting beside yourself and finding a sense of lightness, of being “I am.” You’re not your name, you’re not your parents, you’re not your history and you’re not your work. Your identity is really just this conscious, beautiful, endless soul.
4. What we really want is bliss, transcendence, a mystical experience, a feeling of wholeness. And none of that comes from anything other than being in integrity.
5. Fear comes from love. Fear is trying to protect you and keep you safe. Don’t try to squash it. The way to overcome it is to place your hand on its head and say, “It’s okay. I’ve got this. Thank you so much for trying to protect me.” When you love it back, it will step off of you so that you can step up and walk alongside it.
6. While we’re busy trying to be smarter and more interesting and more impressive, there is the actual self, the true identity, which is the most incredibly awesome, impressive thing. It’s the resonance that we already have. And all of us connect in that place.
7. Live, learn, and thrive.

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