Nora McInerny on Bad Vibes Only & Moving Forward with Grief


How can you embrace the joy and pain of the human experience? Nora McInerny, bestselling author, writer, award winning podcast host of Terrible, Thanks for Asking, and TEDTalk speaker found herself creating a community of people going through difficult things after she had suffered a miscarriage, the death of her father, and the death of her husband Aaron in just a few months. She shares why it’s okay to say you’re not fine, how to move forward with grief while carrying love, how to let go of perfectionism, and how to stop focusing on the result so you can grow through the process.

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1. It’s not your job to fix all the problems. All you have to do is just show up. Sometimes the issue really just requires you to be present with it.
2. We don’t move on from grief, we move forward with it. It means that you are carrying that experience – not just the loss, but the love. You are carrying it all inside of you.
3. Goodbyes start and with it are also different hello’s.
4. There’s so much broken in this world and you’re here to make it better.
5. Don’t weigh your situation against someone else’s. It’s all our human experience. It’s all relative and it’s all real. This is what it is to be a person.
6. C’s get degrees.
7. Look someone in the eye, put your phone down, and talk to them. Get outside of your own head. Get out of your own self.
8. When our being and our doing are braided so tightly together, there is no peace, there is no enjoyment. The measure is not in the numbers. The goal is in going through the process.

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