How to Get Out of Your Own Way & Return to a High Vibe State


How can you pull yourself out of ego and resistance, and get back into a high vibe state? Cathy coaches two women – Cassandra, who feels like she’s losing her passion even though she’s had success, and Robin, who wants to get out of a low vibe state and into a higher frequency. You’ll learn how to get out of your own way, return to the truth of who you are, let go of control, rediscover excitement in spontaneity, and wake up from the trance so you can enter expansion.

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1. Our spirit, our soul, our consciousness, does not want a plan. Everything cool that ever happens will happen to us when we let go of control. The excitement is on the other side of spontaneity.
2. Anyone who makes beautiful, creative things is flexing the muscle of being willing to throw spaghetti at the wall. It’s all in the iterating. It’s all in the playfulness. It’s all in the messiness.
3. It’s not about whether or not we need to do X, Y, and Z for it to happen. It’s about removing the blocks that are not allowing it to happen.
4. When we’re a live wire of enthusiasm and passion and we’re not worried about anything, that is called love unleashed. Everyone wants to be around that.
5. All we want is to be in service. All we really want is to contribute to a greater good. As long as that’s the mission, it’s always a win.
6. Love is not a tit-for-tat exchange. It’s not earned in that energy. It’s something we get to receive in this life.
7. Wake up. Get out of the trance. Start to feel yourself expand. Start to feel your physical self shrink. Start to feel how much space is here. Start to feel how much you now see the godliness in everything around you.
8. It’s never about being somebody. It’s about being nobody. If you’re nobody and we’re all one somebody, you’re full all the time.
9. There’s only one song, one note. Let’s be the conductor. Let’s be part of the ocean. Let’s belong to each other. Let’s belong to the universe. Let’s belong to this vibration. Let’s be part of this frequency. It feels so good.

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