How Lindsey Stirling Embraced Her Uniqueness & Became an Insanely Popular Dancing Violinist


How can you find joy and magic even in the darkest times? Lindsey Stirling, platinum selling electronic violinist, musician, songwriter, dancer, NYT bestselling author, and YouTube star has faced loss and her own inner battles – but she knew that even in those moments, there’s still light and peace within reach. She shares how to have the courage to show your true colors, how to find the resilience to get back up after major rejection and disappointment, how to step into alignment with your soul, and how to peel back the layers of yourself to discover your true power and potential.

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1. Be proud of being unique. Relish in your differences and forge your own path. You only find your people by waving your flag and showing up as your true colors.
2. Falling down gives you so much strength when you stand up. Successful people are the ones who just learned to get up every time they fall down and get mud on their face. If you can overcome this, you prove to the universe that you’re up for this challenge and you’re resilient enough to step in.
3. In those moments when someone says, “Hey, that wasn’t great,” that doesn’t mean you’re not great and you don’t have the potential to be amazing. It just means that that moment wasn’t your best. And one moment will not define you forever.
4. We have so much of our life ahead of us. There are endless chances to find your lane.
5. Who says there can’t be joy when the lights go out?  Even amongst the most horrible times, we can still have this inner peace and confidence.
6. Step into a state of sharing your gifts. Show up for them rather than hoping that they like you. Just send them love. It changes everything.
7. As you peel back the layers of yourself, you’ll discover that you have so much more power and potential than you ever realized.
8. Allow yourself to simply exist and be without judgment. Just being is enough.

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