Kendra Scott on How to Shine, Do Good, Find Your Joy & Build a Life You Love


How can you turn self doubts and insecurities into the gems that make you special? Kendra Scott, founder and CEO of Kendra Scott Jewelry, designer, philanthropist, and author was a college dropout who started making jewelry in her spare bedroom, and turned $500 into a billion dollar empire. She shares how to use failures to move forward, how women can become an unstoppable force for change and goodness in the world, why connection with your customer is more important than the transaction, how to embrace your imperfections, and how to let yourself shine.

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1. We each have immense and innate value. Every one of us is here for a reason, to leave our fingerprint and make our mark. We all have this amazing light to share.
2. Every time a woman succeeds, it’s a point for all of us. Let’s all root for each other and congratulate each other. We have an unbelievable power to create change. When women hold hands and join forces, we’re unstoppable.
3. Failures are bridges to get us to the next place we’re going. They’re what make you awesome and unique.
4. On the other side of fear is unbelievable possibility and greatness.
5. Just do one thing today that can create forward action in your life.
6. Be your authentic self. Your imperfections are what make you so unbelievably special and powerful. Be proud of sharing who you are. Your path doesn’t belong to anyone else but you. Own it.
7. Connection before transaction. If the customer leaves with a smile and great experience, the transaction will follow. The brands that survive and thrive are the ones that connect deeper than just the wallet.
8. It doesn’t matter where you come from, or how many times you’ve heard no. You can do whatever it is that you dream of doing. Anything is possible.

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