Justine Bateman on Why It’s Never Too Late to Go For Your Dreams


How can you give yourself permission to explore your true passions and purpose when you think you’ve missed your chance? Justine Bateman, Golden Globe and Emmy nominated writer, director, producer, actress and bestselling author grew up being famous on television, but she knew there was so much more she wanted to do. After going to college at the age of 46 and getting her degree, she pivoted to directing and writing, where she’s been able to make the most impact. She shares how society’s relationship with fame has evolved, how to debunk the false notion that older women’s appearances are something to be “fixed,” how being yourself will lead you to your path, and how to deal with your irrational fears so you can go back to the most aligned version of you.

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1. Making decisions based in fear will take you off your track. Question your irrational fear. Ask yourself what pushed your buttons and why, so you can go about your day feeling like yourself again.
2. Stay willing to learn. You’re never too old. If you’re alive, then it’s your time.
3. Do the inner work. The reward is so much bigger than the effort.
4. Everybody’s life comes with a basket of gifts and talents and opportunities. The more yourself that you can be, the more you can see what’s in the basket and see your path.
5. When the path isn’t clear, ask the universe for guidance and perspective. It’s okay to say, “Show me where it is.”
6. Take your audience through an experience.
7. There’s nothing good or bad that happens in your life. It’s just things that make you feel comfortable or uncomfortable.
8. Anybody can get to the version of their true self, no matter who you are or what your situation is. It takes work to examine your resentments, examine your irrational fears, and trust that there’s something looking out for you. But your perception will change when you unearth those things. And it’s the most remarkable shift.

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