How to Monetize Your Podcast & Overcome Your Fear of Selling


How can you build an incredible income and change lives through a podcast? Cathy shares a coaching call about how you can monetize your podcast, how to stop trying to get everyone to like you, how to create a tiny offer so you can make the first dollar, and what’s really holding you back from taking action and making an impact on the people who need you.

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1. The problem isn’t that some people don’t like you. It’s thinking that it’s not supposed to happen, and expecting everyone to like you. But it’s not our job to convince anyone or win the popular vote.
2. Trust the world is abundant and expansive. You will find people swimming in your stream. The clients are there, the money is there. The buyers are there.
3. When you give people an opportunity to pay for something, you give them an opportunity to have a greater level of transformation. You’re holding a greater place. You’re inviting them, serving them in a way that they can see things transform.
4. What’s the cost of changing someone’s life? It’s generosity, courage, empathy, energy, passion, compassion, and love. You’re overqualified in that department.
5. The confidence and clarity is on the other side of actually doing it, moving the pieces and getting your hands dirty. That is required.
6. It starts simple. It starts with one human being and you having the courage to practice offering what you do to one person.
7. Put that scared part of you in the backseat. You’re driving now.
8. Tune in. We all have the ability to be the receiver for the greatest channel.

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