How to Allow in Abundance & Unconditional Love – A Sneak Peek of My Retreat!


How can you push through your resistance and allow in more blessings? Cathy shares some pieces from her retreat about how you elevate others by receiving abundance, how to feel safe in a place of unconditional love, how to jump into the stream of fun and ease, and how to unlock the door to the overflow that already exists in you.

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  1. We really can have it all.
  2. There’s no moment in the future that holds anything more than this moment right now. It’s all here in this moment when you turn the radio on.
  3. You’re in overflow all the time. And when you’re there, that’s it. You just open the door to everything.
  4. The more you come into actual presence, it’s amazing how one by one, ideas will attach to you because you’re lifeforce itself.
  5. The only thing for sale is love. Loving other people is the end all. It’s the gift.
  6. You have everything you need.
  7. We only receive what we give away.
  8. It gets to feel so good. When it’s really love, it’s really good.

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