Guy Raz on What it Takes to Be a Great Creator & How He Built a 25 Year Career in Broadcasting


How can we tap into our full creative power? Guy Raz, legendary podcast host (How I Built This, Wisdom from the Top, Wow in the World) and NYT bestselling author is on a new mission to explore the source of creativity in his most recent podcast, The Great Creators. He shares why you have to take risks and get out of your comfort zone to grow your creative muscle, how collaboration with others leads to the best ideas, what has kept him motivated over the past 25 years in the broadcast business, and how active listening is the most powerful way to create a deep connection with another person.

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1. The key to being a good leader is bringing people onto your team who will lead you too.
2. Creativity isn’t a mysterious force that only some people can access. It’s something that we have the power to mine and find.
3. You have to take huge risks and get out of your comfort zone in order to grow.
4. The creative world relies on collaboration. No one is writing something in a dark room by themselves. It always goes through other people who can weigh in on ideas. That’s how the best ideas come about.
5. When you have a group of people who feel secure and safe enough to throw out stupid ideas, you’re going to come out with great ideas.
6. You become a better interviewer not through the questions you ask, but through the silence in those conversations. The more we get comfortable with it, the more we create a connection.
7. When you’re actively listening, you are honoring somebody’s story. You’re showing respect for their ideas. It’s one of the most generous things we can do as humans.
8. The more you branch out and think about different things, you’ll get better at what you do. And what better way is there to be alive than to feel like you’re getting better at what you do.

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